Tuesday, March 20, 2012

muscle cars, ramps, dumpster diving, & ebay trading tips

I met Ryan serendipitously through my craigslist ad selling my old BMX bike.
I googled him of course, being an avid google stalker, and found he was an amazing artist who
used BMX bikes and other cultural icons and doodads to make "ART."
Um, kind of awesome!
He came to pick up the bike and left me wondering what would happen to it in his deft yet
diabolical hands. So I invited myself to his studio to check it out!
I was like a kid in a candy store! Toys, street signs, skateboards, bikes, art, fashion, all my favorite
things collected into a big studio, arranged in a cornucopia of nonsense. Yeah!
From the firebird hood ornaments to the "dull" installation soon to happen, there was a method to
his madness, a deeper meaning behind each seemingly random object.
We discussed ebay and craigslist like true connoisseurs, trading nutty stories and selling/buying tips.
We both hope I become loaded (with money, not booze) and can start collecting his pieces in the
very near future.


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